Opponent Threatening to Beat up Barca Player

FightIn the post game con­fer­ence, Luis Enrique described the Copa meet­ing between FC Barcelona and Espany­ol as very inten­sive and high ten­sion one. The two clubs have met twice under 6-days and the two meet­ings have wit­nessed ten­sion beyond the referee’s con­trol which will most like­ly bring more con­flict in the next fix­ture on Wednes­day 13.

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Robert (Sports Director) on the Future of Players

Robert (Sport Director)FC Barcelona’s direc­tor of sports Robert Fer­nan­dez  final­ly opens up on a radio sta­tion RAC 1 about sev­er­al issues both­er­ing trans­fer of play­ers and future of cur­rent Bar­ca play­ers. Say­ing that he’s cur­rent­ly work­ing on pos­si­ble trans­fer for the Jan­u­ary Trans­fer win­dow and also elab­o­rat­ed on the dif­fi­cul­ties con­front­ed by the club on the win­ter trans­fer win­dows: “We are very com­fort­able and  con­fi­dent with what we have, it’s a very dif­fi­cult mar­ket.” Con­tin­ue read­ing