Messi beats another record in match against Depor

leo-messi-on-benchMany foot­ball pun­dits would argue Lionel Mes­si still is the best play­er in the world. The rea­son is sim­ple, he’s a decider in many games played. For instance, Argenti­na have only won a game with­out Leo in the 2018 World Cup Qual­i­fi­er games but have won all three games Mes­si played in. The Argen­tine play­er have once again proven that he’s still the per­fect fin­ish­er.

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Barcelona 4–0 Deportivo: Blaugranas thrash Depor in style

messi- celebrate neymarThe Match Day 8 of La Liga San­tander for the Cata­lan club saw them moved high­er on the league table after the vic­to­ri­ous game against Deporti­vo la Coruna. With Rafin­ha scor­ing the first two goals with­in 15 min­utes and Luis Suarez added a goal before the half­time break. Mes­si was intro­duced into the game in the sec­ond half and scored the fourth goal for his team. Con­tin­ue read­ing