Valverde: 4–0 defeat? there’s no excuse, they were better and we have to live with it.

Barcelona head coach Ernesto Valverde spoke to the press about the 4–0 defeat at Anfield. For the sec­ond time in a row, Bar­ca have a three-goal advan­tage over their rival but still man­age to drop out of the Cham­pi­ons League com­pe­ti­tion.

The match from your per­spec­tive?

At the start of the game, they were very aggres­sive and played high and of course, we expect­ed it. When they scored the first goal, we react­ed well and set­tled in the game. The sec­ond goal came as a sur­prise and the third goal came just after the third goal. But after I saw the 4–0 goal, that was it. There is no excuse. The rivals were bet­ter and we have to accept it.

About the fourth goal?

The fourth goal came as a sur­prise because I did not know if it was a direct cor­ner or an indi­rect one. Goals most times comes from the mis­take of an oppo­nent just as we made mis­takes and they scored. The same we score, we can detect some mis­take from our rival. We were not cau­tious and vig­i­lant and our rival was smart and they took the shot.

Was Liv­er­pool clear­ly bet­ter?

We can­not say if we were at a sim­i­lar lev­el of play. We oppo­nent wins, you can­not make excus­es because you had the same oppor­tu­ni­ty as them to do the same. If we had tak­en an oppor­tu­ni­ty pre­sent­ed by us, we would be pro­mot­ed and the ques­tions now would not be the same.

How will this result affect you?

I don’t know, I have not had time to think about it. But coach­es must take respon­si­bil­i­ty

Expect­ed Rome his­to­ry to repeat itself?

The most painful thing is that this hap­pened last sea­son, hap­pened to us in Rome. But this is dif­fer­ent, Liv­er­pool was strong and we have to give them the props for that. For the sec­ond year in a row, oppo­nent came up from a big loss. We did not expect it, we fell again.

What to say to the foot­ballers?

When you play games like this and get this kind of results, the next few days are very awful for foot­ballers. This is some­thing they must have to go through. You must do the penance and car­ry on. With this few time giv­en, we must end this sea­son with anoth­er tro­phy

What to say to the fans?

Every­thing we do is about the fans, we are real­ly sor­ry for them. Although we have lost and out of the com­pe­ti­tion, but we will stick togeth­er as fans of the club and play­ers

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