Messi: It was ugly to have whistled Coutinho while he left the pitch

After secur­ing the two last goals in the Cham­pi­ons League semi-final, it was a 3–0 vic­to­ry for the Blau­grana against The Reds. Lionel Mes­si spoke to Movis­tar con­cern­ing the game and also cel­e­bra­tion after his first goal for the team.

On Coutinho’s whistling: Yes it was ugly that they whis­tled a team­mate. We are in a great moment and we have to be togeth­er. In times like this, we will not crit­i­cize any­one. We will all go through this togeth­er.

On Liverpool’s play: We let our­selves to be out­played by our rival. We had no con­trol of the ball and we total­ly lost pos­ses­sion. But with the result, it seemed every­thing went well for us today.

On Dembele’s miss: Dembele’s oppor­tu­ni­ty to increase our advan­tage would have being great.Four goals would have being a lot bet­ter for us but even­tu­al­ly its a good result. We are not com­plain­ing.

On Free­kick goal: The ball seemed per­fect because that was where I want­ed the ball to be. Luck­i­ly, it went to that exact spot.

On away goals: We are very hap­py that our oppo­nent did not put in any goal. We were bet­ter in the first half but they got bet­ter in the sec­ond half of the game. We did what we have to do to stop goals even though they had very few chances.

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