Barcelona’s Conundrum: Coutinho or Dembele against Liverpool

With all the play­ers except injured Rafin­ha who is not avail­able for the game against Liv­er­pool, Valverde has a lot of option to choose from. But the main sus­pense in the squad against the Eng­lish side will be between Ous­mane Dem­bele and Philippe Coutin­ho.

In vital games like this, Valverde is a coach that selects play­ers based on the cur­rent form and per­for­mance. This makes the Brazil­ian more like­ly to be in the start­ing line up against Liv­er­pool. But con­sid­er­ing the fact that Coutin­ho is a for­mer Liv­er­pool play­er, it would be risky start­ing him. Aside that, the for­mer Liv­er­pool man is in a bet­ter form than Dem­bele.

Dem­bele who just recov­ered from an injury have not got­ten the rhythm required to face a tough oppo­nent like Liv­er­pool. Although, the coach have giv­en him some min­utes to blend into the team. In a very recent La Liga game, both the Brazil­ian and French­man start­ed a game in which Mes­si was rest­ed. They both played well except for Coutin­ho miss­ing oppor­tu­ni­ty to score.

Except for these two, the team is an easy pick. With Ter Ste­gen at the goal post, Pique and Lenglet in front of the goal­keep­er. Alba on the left back while Ser­gio Rober­to may cov­er the right back. Even though Seme­do has the advan­tage of speed to match han­dle Sadio Mane.

The mid­field will be occu­pied by Rakitic, Bus­quet, and Arthur Melo. Although, the lat­ter hard­ly fin­ish­es a game, which may like­ly see Vidal replace him maybe after half­time. Vidal is also in good form but he usu­al­ly comes off from the bench and per­forms great. Of course, Mes­si and Suarez in the attack while the option from Dem­bele or Coutin­ho will be decid­ed by Valverde.

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