Pique: My wealth is more than the budget of Espanyol

Ger­ard Pique was a guest of a pro­gramme on Span­ish Tele­vi­sion. While the con­ver­sa­tion between him and the inter­view­er was going on, there was a few sub­ject that was raised and dis­cussed.

On What­sapp Group: All mem­ber of our team are in the group includ­ing some for­mer play­ers. It has the team logo and the name of the group is FC Barcelona. We use the group to pass across infor­ma­tion as well as cre­ate a good atmost­phere for the team­mates and also ex-team­mates. Its hard to kick out ex-team­mates from the group. But some play­ers leave the group on their own. For instance, Ney­mar is not in the group.

On Mes­si: Leo is very iron­ic and he’s one big troll I know of. He’s very humourous and can move you.

On Rosell and Nunez: I demand free­dom for impris­on­ing them because they don’t deserve to be locked. But I will not min­gle in mat­ters I do not know about.

On hav­ing sex: I have a lot of sex and mon­ey. But does the sex also count in Bern­abeu?

On Mon­ey: I have mon­ey that’s more than the bud­get of Espany­ol this sea­son. Some would say Espanyol’s bud­get is 57 mil­lion euros but that not true, it’s way more than that.

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