Umtiti’s buyout clause set at a whooping 500 million euro

On Mon­day 4 June, Samuel Umti­ti renewed the con­tract between him and Barcelona after agree­ing to remain with the club till 2023. But the most notable detail about the con­tract is the sig­nif­i­cant increase of his release clause which rose from 60 mil­lion euros to a whoop­ing 500 mil­lion euros.

After the sign­ing in the office, both the French inter­na­tion­al and Barcelona pres­i­dent appeared to speak to the press on his new deal with the club. “Today is a very impor­tant day, because Samuel Umti­ti has renewed his con­tract and which is a good news for all Barcelonistas,” said Bar­tomeu. He added “Just two years back, he joined the club and now he is very vital to the squad. The team can­not be the same with­out him. The new con­tract will last until 2023 while the release clause is set at 500 mil­lion euro. With this clause we are sure no one will try to take him away from us”.

I am very hap­py at the club and I am proud I had to renew my con­tract. I am very hap­py in the club and the city because from the first day I got here, I felt at home and so I can get to stay. I just have the feel­ing that the world backs me up on the jour­ney. That is why I don’t want to leave here. This is my home.” said Umti­ti.

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