Neymar: This is the best game I’ve ever played

The 6-1 victory brought joy and happiness not just to Barcelona fans all over the world but to the player. Neymar Jr was no different. In an interview with TV3, Neymar expressed himself over the microphone stressing the Wednesday game against PSG is the best he’s played.

“In my heart, this game is the best game I’ve ever played when you consider the historical record, the goals scored and knowing that it’s the best team in the world. The week after the game in Paris was a tough one for us, we felt like total failures. But after some days, we began to cheer, train and play our normal game. It was since then that I’ve being itching for this game.”

“Even though it was difficult, we believed we could do it and we did it. It’s very difficult stopping Barca and you know this kind of victory only happens once in a life time. It was hard to believe we could put six goals against a side like that.”

“This night we will celebrate our victory and then we will have to remember that we have not actually won the trophy even though it feels like it.”

He concluded; “Before Sergi scored the goal, I asked him to go deep inside and at the last minute he scored the goal with a pass from me.”

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