Here’s the percentage of vote received by the three nominees of the Best Player

Cris­tiano Ronal­do once again won the award of The Best Play­er orga­nized by FIFA on Wednes­day night. In total, Cris­tiano got 34.54% of vote while Mes­si got 26.42%  and Griez­mann got 6.61% of vote from the four cat­e­gories that are eli­gi­ble to vote.

From foot­ball fans all over the world, Mes­si got 6.32% of vote while Cris­tiano got 5.88% and Griez­mann only got 1.11% of vote from fans.

The remain­ing three cat­e­gories the Por­tuguese man won more votes ahead of Lionel Mes­si. While receiv­ing votes from coach­es all over the world, Cris­tiano got 8.5%, Mes­si got 7.05% and Griez­mann got 1.35% of vote.

From nation­al team cap­tains all over the world, Cris­tiano got 9.66%, Mes­si got 7.52% and Griez­mann got 1.35% of vote.

From the last cat­e­go­ry of vot­ers comes jour­nal­ists. The widest dif­fer­ence in the result saw came from this cat­e­go­ry. With Cris­tiano win­ning 10.5% of vote from jour­nal­ist while Mes­si got 5.5% and Griez­mann got 2.8% of vote.

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