Here’s the percentage of vote received by the three nominees of the Best Player

Cristiano Ronaldo once again won the award of The Best Player organized by FIFA on Wednesday night. In total, Cristiano got 34.54% of vote while Messi got 26.42%  and Griezmann got 6.61% of vote from the four categories that are eligible to vote.

From football fans all over the world, Messi got 6.32% of vote while Cristiano got 5.88% and Griezmann only got 1.11% of vote from fans.

The remaining three categories the Portuguese man won more votes ahead of Lionel Messi. While receiving votes from coaches all over the world, Cristiano got 8.5%, Messi got 7.05% and Griezmann got 1.35% of vote.

From national team captains all over the world, Cristiano got 9.66%, Messi got 7.52% and Griezmann got 1.35% of vote.

From the last category of voters comes journalists. The widest difference in the result saw came from this category. With Cristiano winning 10.5% of vote from journalist while Messi got 5.5% and Griezmann got 2.8% of vote.

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