Sergio Busquet: We will continue to fight and never give up

After the game at El Madrigal (now Estadio de La Ceramica), Sergio Busquet spoke to the press about the game that ended 1-1 after the late goal from Lionel Messi. The ‘La Masia’ graduate spoke on the controversial decision of the referee as well as the outcome of the game.

“It is not easy to officiate games especially now that the games are getting more intense. The referees only needs help and better preparation ahead of game that is this intense.”

“We deserve way more than what we got in this game. One thing that is certain is we will continue to fight and never give up on the race. It’s not the easiest thing to do but we have no choice.”

“But we have being so unlucky in recent times. Three days back we put up a good game but we still lost it. No excuse, what matters is the result and not the kind of game played.”

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