Luis Suarez: The best fill in for Luis Enrique is Eusebio

Luis Suarez at 81 is a living Football legend and a one time winner of the 1960 Ballon d’Or award. In a recent interview with Cadena SER radio, he spoke about the best option for Luis Enrique coaching career as well as the best possible replacement for the Austrian coach in case if he decides not to renew with Barca.

“I doubt if Luis Enrique will find any club better than Barca. He may see better offer in terms of finance but he ‘ll not see any team better than Barcelona to work with and win many trophies as well as award. He knows his home well but everyone has their problems and needs,” said Luis Suarez.

He added. “Even Barca’s bench is made up of very good players and a lot of pressure from the media is suggesting Barca has to win everything. Although, last yeear was a good one for them when they won trophies but it wasn’t as if they won anything because they didn’t win the Champions League. Maybe that’s the measure. It could be that the coach want to go to a place where the work is lighter.”

He gave his opinion on the best successor of Luis Enrique just in case he decides to leave. “The name I gave some months back was Eusebio Sacristan because he deserves it. He knows Barcelona very well and he’s also doing very great at Real Sociedad. He’s making them play very good football. It was the same team that when David Moyes was in charge, we didn’t even know if it was Real Sociedad or a pub team.”

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