Barcelona 4-1 Espanyol: Messi helps team to end the year in style

In recent years, Espanyol have not had a better game than they had against Barcelona on Sunday night. Although the Blaugranas are said to be going through their toughest times while Espanyol have had a slightly poor start of the season campaign.

The game can only tell that Barcelona is getting stronger as long as the major players are fit enough with Luis Suarez scoring the first two goals of the game while Jordi Alba and Lionel Messi scored the last two goals for Barcelona respectively.

Right from the kick off, Barcelona dominated the ball while Espanyol did their best to keep their defense line in order. It was not long after the start that the Blaugranas opened the score sheet when Suarez received an extra ordinary long pass from genius Iniesta. The Uruguayan ran towards the opponent’s goal post with wonderful control of the ball and stamina, he immediately took the shot that gave the home side the lead in 18th minute of the game.

The second half began and with several chances from the Blaugranas non of them were able to convert. But with the individual skills of Iniesta and Messi saw the Argentine shot the ball but was saved by the keeper and Luis Suarez went for the rebound.

With another show of skills from Lionel Messi saw hurdled the challenge of four defenders and stumbles and there came Jordi Alba who shot straight into the net from the right. David Lopez scored the consolation goal for Espanyol in the 79th minute.

Ten minutes after the goal from Espanyol came Messi’s own. With the one two pass from Messi to Suarez and the final touch from Messi saw them close the score sheet with great goals.

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