Barcelona’s potential rivals in the next Champions League stage

The Champions League group stage games ended on Wednesday night. This means we already know possible clubs that will play against Barcelona in the 1/8 knockout stage of the competition. On Monday, the draw from the next stage will take place.

With Barcelona topping the Group C, it means the Catalan club will a team that ended second in their group table. But one of the rules guiding the draw is that a team will not face another team from the same country or league or group stage. However, Real Madrid and Sevilla who finished second place on their group will not be paired with Barcelona. Also, Barca will not be paired with Manchester City because they were in the same group.

Five teams that are possible rivals of the Catalan club are, Bayern Munich, Paris Saint Germain, Porto, Benfica and Bayern Leverkusen.

The draw is expected to take place on Monday by 1:00 pm CET.

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