Denis Suarez: This victory will spiral up our confidence

After the wonderful display in Camp Nou against Borussia M’gladbach, Denis Suarez spoke to TV3 about the game. He also says his preferred team he would like to challenge in the next stage.

“We were magnificent against our opponent. We did what we were suppose to do by pressing high and taking charge of the entire game. We didn’t want to give them chance to control the ball, we are very pleased with the result and we know the fans are too. The victory will spiral up our confidence in upcoming games.

I wish to continue playing alongside Iniesta, he’s a great teammate and captain. We already had played 15 to 20 minutes together against Celta Vigo, I only wish to continue playing with him for as long as possible.

All teams in Europe that will advance to the next stage of the competition are all very good. I don’t have any preferred side to play against. Barcelona is a club most teams in Europe hate playing against because we are one of the most feared side in the world.

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