Bartomeu: We would like Messi to remain in Barcelona for life

In an interview with Radio Vision, Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu have expressed his dying wish for Lionel Messi to end his career in FC Barcelona and continue living with the city.

“There’s no doubt that Messi is the most important footballer that have ever played in the club. Great players like; Ronaldinho, Cruyff, Kubala, Romario, Maradona, Ronaldo and so on that have stamped their mark in the club’s history. But Messi is just different, he’s the greatest among the greatest. Nobody can be like Leo.”

“It’s like Leo has helped Barcelona to Build a universal ship that can travel across the world. It’s like he’s the captain of the ship who tells the ship where to go. In other words, Leo is directly responsible for Barcelona’s success over the last ten years. All managers, technicians, players and employees have all done great for the club but Leo’s effort to see the team succeed supersedes all others.”

“We would like Messi to remain in Barcelona for life and end his career. Almost every season, we keep discovering new Messi. This is because he has being reinventing himself and he’s being delivering for the club year after year.”

“Argentina is a very lucky country to have a human like Leo and they have to take care of him and treat him dearly. They should take care of him not for Barcelona fans or Argentina fans but for soccer fans all over the world.”

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