Alexis Sanchez: I learned how to play all over again at Barcelona

After the impressive performance that lead to his hat-trick against West Ham in the English Premier League game, Alexis Sanchez admitted to the press that his stay at Barcelona has helped him carry on. The Arsenal striker has attributed good nutrition and firm fitness to his success in the English club.

“I learned how to play football all over again at Barcelona. From Iniesta I learned how to accelerate, from Xavi I learned how to move, from Leo (Messi) I learned how to think ahead and from Pedro I learned how to shoot,” said the Chilean.

He spoke about his private life with his family. “After games or training, I don’t like going out. I’d just rather stay at home and see movies.”

He revealed that his maturity in the sport increased by 80% after the 2010 World Cup.

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