Barcelona to earn 1.5 million euros after winning Borussia M’gladbach

club earnsBarcelona have nothing to lose in today’s game against Borussia Monchengladbach but they have a whole lot to lose if they receive defeat from the German side. The fight for the sum of 1.5 million euros will take place in Camp Nou on Wednesday (today) night.

Barcelona who knows their place in the Champions League group stage C as the winner have already advance to the next stage while other teams still fighting to enter the next round or have a chance to play in the Europa Cup competition. However, the Catalan club does not have anything to fight for except for the incentive on today’s game.

In today’s encounter if Barcelona wins Borussia M’gladbach, then UEFA will pay the Catalan club 1.5 million euros. But if the match ends draw, Barca will only walk away with 500,000 euros. So far, Barcelona have received 12.7 million euros for their performance and result in the group stage game of the Champions League. 6 million euro for winning four games and 6 million euros for qualifying into the next stage of the competition.

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