Appearances: Messi vs Ronaldo in Clasico

messi-vs-ronaldoNei­ther Lionel Mes­si nor Cris­tiano Ronal­do were decider in the Saturday’s El Cla­si­co game. The truth is that both the Argen­tine and the Por­tuguese who were looked upon to be the sav­iours of their sides were infact not real­ly vis­i­ble in the game.

In a sta­tis­tics shows Mes­si and Ronal­do appear­ances on the stage of El Cla­si­co. The dif­fer­ent maps below shows the heat­ed areas and posi­tions of both play­ers.

Below are the maps.

Places in which Lionel Mes­si appeared:


Places in which Cris­tiano Ronal­do appeared:


Places of Ronal­do with the ball at his feet:


Places of Mes­si with ball at his feet:


Shots from Mes­si:


Shots from Cris­tiano Ronal­do:


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