Luis Enrique: I will sleep well because it’s not my first Clasico game

luis-enriqueLuis Enrique appeared in the press conference room to talk on the next league game against Real Madrid. He answered questions relating to the Saturday’s game from the press men.

On Iniesta

It’s a great news to hear that Andre Iniesta is back from injury. He ‘s more than a captain to us as a team. He’s one player that still helps in the traditional Barcelona style of play. Even though I depend on all my players, he’s one of the players the whole team looks up to when playing.

On the game

The game is very important for us, we have to win it. This means beating our direct rival in the league. Of course, they also have the same motive as us. But being at home gives us more advantage over them. It is also vital to play while we watch our emotions, not just for my players but also for me.

On Players

With all my players ready for the game except Mathieu, it only gives me more options on the staffing which is good for us. Our starting eleven will now depend on certain factors.

On Real Madrid style of play

I see Real Madrid playing the way they’ve always played in their previous games. They always don’t have need to control the ball but are very quick to attack with very few touches of the ball. They’ll be precise with the ball and very effective in front of the goal post. On the other hand, we will try to play possessive football have better control of the ball and create chances to win the game.

On victory of the game

Don’t worry, I will sleep well ecause this is not my first El Clasico. I’ve always slept well, but of course in the game there are high expectations. Knowing that there are over 100,000 fans in Camp Nou and millions of fans all over the world who look up to our victory.

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