Umtiti: When Messi is with the ball, he passes us like we’re cones

umtiti-One of the players of FC Barcelona currently living his childhood dream is Samuel Umtiti. In an interview with France Football, the Frenchman was full of praises for for his teammates especially Andre Iniesta and Lionel Messi.

Iniesta has the ability of making difficult situations go easy. His bird’s eye view of game is outstanding. Just like Neymar, he doesn’t go pass an opponent with dribbles, but with control of the ball. Right from the goalkeeper, all players are very technical in Barcelona.

He also had complimentary words for Lionel Messi as he spoke to France Football, “Messi’s talent is inbuilt even though he tries to improve on them. He has so much ease with the ball and does thing that are out of normal during training. When he’s with the ball, he passes us like we are cones on the grass and it includes me.”

The 23 years old agreed he fell in love with Frank Rijkaard’s Barcelona because of their ‘culture of victory’. A team that had the likes of Ronaldinho and Deco which was seen as the best combination as at then. But he acknowledged he was bored by Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona.

“I told my friends that Barcelona was less passionate in the time of Pep Guardiola. I’ve always loved Barca, but when they keep possessing the ball for ten years, it becomes boring. Later, their play changed back to what it was,” said the defender.

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