Mascherano: We aimed for the qualification and we go in as top

mascheranoBeing the first to talk on the teams vic­to­ry at Celtic Park, Javier Mascher­a­no opened up on the recent vic­to­ry of the team and also talked about Bar­ca lead­ing the Group C table.

We have now known that we have fin­ished first on the group thanks to our hard work and the 1–1 result from Man­ches­ter City. So the next time we will focus on this com­pe­ti­tion will be in Feb­ru­ary 2017. We are now focused on the league,” said Mascher­a­no.

The game was a seri­ous one and though it was a dif­fi­cult one, but we won. We had many chances to extend our lead and to com­plete­ly seal off the game but  couldn’t con­vert them into goals. The Mala­ga and Celtic games has shown that we are still very sol­id even though we couldn’t score any­more than we did,” said the defend­er.

He con­clud­ed, “Mes­si, Suarez and Ney­mar are the best front men in the world right now. When they are in their best, their con­nec­tion is superb.”

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