Mascherano: We aimed for the qualification and we go in as top

mascheranoBeing the first to talk on the teams victory at Celtic Park, Javier Mascherano opened up on the recent victory of the team and also talked about Barca leading the Group C table.

“We have now known that we have finished first on the group thanks to our hard work and the 1-1 result from Manchester City. So the next time we will focus on this competition will be in February 2017. We are now focused on the league,” said Mascherano.

“The game was a serious one and though it was a difficult one, but we won. We had many chances to extend our lead and to completely seal off the game but  couldn’t convert them into goals. The Malaga and Celtic games has shown that we are still very solid even though we couldn’t score anymore than we did,” said the defender.

He concluded, “Messi, Suarez and Neymar are the best front men in the world right now. When they are in their best, their connection is superb.”

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