Five Barcelona players among nominees of Uefa Best Eleven

best-elevenThe same day FIFA released their ten nom­i­nees of Puskas Award (Best Goal), Uefa announced their nom­i­nees of best eleven from last sea­son. The 40 list­ed play­er for the nom­i­nee of Uefa best eleven includes five Barcelona play­ers.

The five Barcelona play­ers are Mes­si, Suarez, Ney­mar, Ini­es­ta and Pique. While 8 play­ers from Real Madrid made the nom­i­na­tion list.

Here’s the com­plete nom­i­na­tion list com­pris­ing of 40 play­ers;

Goal­keep­ers: Key­lor Navas, Buf­fon, Rui Patri­cio and Oblak.

Defend­ers: Car­va­jal, Pepe, Ramos, Godín, Juan­fran, Kim­mich, Alder­weireld, Pique, Boateng, Bonuc­ci, Guer­reiro and Kosciel­ny.

Mid­field­ers: Car­ras­co, Payet, Kroos, Mod­ric, Ini­es­ta, Pog­ba, Ram­sey, Kan­té, Ini­es­ta, De Bruyne, Mahrez, Krychowiak and Allen.

For­wards: Cris­tiano, Suarez, Bale, Griez­mann, Higuaín, Mes­si, Lewandows­ki, Aubameyang, Agüero, Ney­mar, Ibrahi­movic and Alex­is.

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