Pique: Absent teammates is not an excuse for not winning

pique-against-malagaGerard Pique was full of disappointment after the game played on Saturday that ended in goalless draw. The Barca defender stressed that there’s no excuse for not winning the game against Malaga.

“It is very disturbing that we’ve lost so many points at home. Nobody wants a stalemate result against a team that we are better than in theory. We should have beaten them, now we are two points down,” said Pique.

Just like the coach, the defender did not want to use absence of Messi or Suarez as an excuse for the result. “We are FC Barcelona and we cannot push the blame on players that are not fit to play or see absent teammates as an excuse for not winning. We have a good amount of players that are quite expensive to buy and to maintain. Barcelona’s budget is no match for Malaga’s budget, so it’s not an excuse.

He spoke on his playing forward after Diego Llorente was sent off. “When Diego Llorente was sent off, it was the perfect time to move forward. Even at that, we were still not able to convert goals for the team because Kameni was in very good form. We also had several disallowed goals.”

The 29 years old concluded, “now we have to move on and change our focus on the next game which is the Champions League. Then followed by the game against Real Sociedad at Anoeta a ground where we’ve not being so lucky in recent times.”

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