Luis Enrique: No goals for us because they jam packed themselves in their own half

enrique-tallksAfter the goalless draw against Malaga, Luis Enrique spoke to the media on the Saturday’s game. The Barca coach is not disappointed after the game, although he stressed his side should have won because they were the better side.

“I appreciate my team, players and fans, they did not get the result they deserve. In the second half, we created more chances but was not able to convert anyone of them because they jam packed themselves in their own half. We even went as far as making Pique play attack but we did not get the fair result we deserve. It could have being a good day for us to be on top of the table after the match but it could not happen,” said Luis Enrique.

The Austrian coach has not shown disappointment after the game. “There’s certainly room for improvement, I can only compliment my players. I can imagine how annoying it is after putting so much effort and losing important points like this.”

Luis Enrique denied the absence of Messi is the reason Barca lost to Malaga and also assured he’s already recovering from the illness; “We have won game with and without Messi and we have also won games with and without Luis Suarez. It would have being very bad if we had lost the game, but of course it’s not that serious.”

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