Luis Enrique: No goals for us because they jam packed themselves in their own half

enrique-tallksAfter the goal­less draw against Mala­ga, Luis Enrique spoke to the media on the Saturday’s game. The Bar­ca coach is not dis­ap­point­ed after the game, although he stressed his side should have won because they were the bet­ter side.

I appre­ci­ate my team, play­ers and fans, they did not get the result they deserve. In the sec­ond half, we cre­at­ed more chances but was not able to con­vert any­one of them because they jam packed them­selves in their own half. We even went as far as mak­ing Pique play attack but we did not get the fair result we deserve. It could have being a good day for us to be on top of the table after the match but it could not hap­pen,” said Luis Enrique.

The Aus­tri­an coach has not shown dis­ap­point­ment after the game. “There’s cer­tain­ly room for improve­ment, I can only com­pli­ment my play­ers. I can imag­ine how annoy­ing it is after putting so much effort and los­ing impor­tant points like this.”

Luis Enrique denied the absence of Mes­si is the rea­son Bar­ca lost to Mala­ga and also assured he’s already recov­er­ing from the ill­ness; “We have won game with and with­out Mes­si and we have also won games with and with­out Luis Suarez. It would have being very bad if we had lost the game, but of course it’s not that seri­ous.”

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