Barcelona’s worst La Liga start since Rijkaard

enriqueAfter the goal­less draw for FC Barcelona against Mala­ga, it only tells that it is the worst start for the club after Week 12 game of the 2016/2017 Span­ish league cam­paign. This means that Bar­ca have won the least points since that last sea­son of Frank Riijkaard as a Barcelona coach.

Since this sea­son began, the Cata­lan club have lost sev­en points out of 18 points in Camp Nou. While the play­ers have only scored 13 goals at home which is the worst record since 2010/2011 sea­son even after six goals against Real Betis.

At home, FC Barcelona have lost two game (Alaves and Celta Vigo) and drawn two games (Atleti­co Madrid and Mala­ga).

On the oth­er hand, the best start for Bar­ca was the era of Tito Vilanova’s 2012/2013 sea­son and Ger­ard Martino’s 2013/2014 sea­son. In both era, the Cata­lan club got 34 points out of 36 points after win­ning eleven games and drew just one game.


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