Umtiti: It is wonderful to train and play alongside Messi, Neymar and Suarez

umtiti-Ahead of the France-Swe­den game in the 2018 World Cup qual­i­fi­er games, Barcelona cen­tral defend­er Samuel Umti­ti was select­ed to appeared in front of the media in the press con­fer­ence room. The French­man replied ques­tions relat­ing to his first month at FC Barcelona after he left his for­mer club Lyon.

It is remark­able to play with the three best attack­er Mes­si, Suarez and Ney­mar. It is also a train along­side them. They are just out­stand­ing. Just train­ing with these three play­ers will make you put all your mind and body to work which will make you devel­op as a bet­ter play­er. That’s one of the rea­son why I chose to con­tin­ue my career as a foot­baller in Barcelona.

He added; “At Barcelona, these guys [MSN] are in charge. To be close to their lev­el of play, extreme focus is need­ed oth­er­wise you would not be at advan­tage. This one of the rea­son why the club have being so suc­cess­ful over the years.”

The French inter­na­tion­al also talked on the ova­tion he gets from fans of FC Barcelona. “I’m aston­ished at the ova­tion I get from fans, I only try to remain neu­tral and not get car­ried away. My aim is to remain as effec­tive for the team as I can which I know is not easy. Bar­ca style of play is very dif­fer­ent to that of Lyon. For a new­bie at Bar­ca to adapt fast, he has to watch videos and adjust to the play­ing style.”

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