Umtiti: It is wonderful to train and play alongside Messi, Neymar and Suarez

umtiti-Ahead of the France-Sweden game in the 2018 World Cup qualifier games, Barcelona central defender Samuel Umtiti was selected to appeared in front of the media in the press conference room. The Frenchman replied questions relating to his first month at FC Barcelona after he left his former club Lyon.

It is remarkable to play with the three best attacker Messi, Suarez and Neymar. It is also a train alongside them. They are just outstanding. Just training with these three players will make you put all your mind and body to work which will make you develop as a better player. That’s one of the reason why I chose to continue my career as a footballer in Barcelona.

He added; “At Barcelona, these guys [MSN] are in charge. To be close to their level of play, extreme focus is needed otherwise you would not be at advantage. This one of the reason why the club have being so successful over the years.”

The French international also talked on the ovation he gets from fans of FC Barcelona. “I’m astonished at the ovation I get from fans, I only try to remain neutral and not get carried away. My aim is to remain as effective for the team as I can which I know is not easy. Barca style of play is very different to that of Lyon. For a newbie at Barca to adapt fast, he has to watch videos and adjust to the playing style.”

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