Messi says the secret of Barcelona’s success

messi speaks to the sunIn an interview with the British press publication The Sun, Lionel Messi finally opens up on the reason for FC Barcelona’s success over the years. The Argentine spoke to the press ahead of the clash against Manchester City.

“We work as a group and when we win, we win as a group. There is no ego at Barca and a goal also gives us confidence. No member of the team have exhibited any sign of ego toward one another,” said the Argentine.

“What we do is we always try to enjoy the game together and that’s why he try to get control of the game.”

We admire Neymar a lot and he’s one who’s very close to his teammates. He has a cheerful character. That why we get on very well.

Lionel Messi has so far recorded 14 goals in 12 games this season. He’s also the one of the only player to score hat-trick back to back in Champions League appearance.

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