Neymar acquires new mansion in Brazil

neys-mansionAccording to O Globo, Neymar Jr has acquire a mansion in Rio de Janeiro at a whooping price of 8 million euro (not dollars). The Brazilian have added the 6,265 square meters to his list of luxury properties he owns.

The mansion located located in Portobello area which is an hour drive away from the center of Rio. The property is well equipped with a helipad , has six suites, a swimming pool, a standard tennis court, a subterranean cave, a gymnasium and it own pier.neys-mansion1

It’s no news that in 2012, the 24 years old had spent 3.5 million euros on a 25 meter long yacht that has a comfortable three bedroom in it. neys-boat

In 2015, Neymar Jr had spent 4 million euros on the six person carrier private plane to acquire it. On the tail of the plane he had his initials NJr printed.neys-plane

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