Guardiola: I did not call any Barcelona player

pep-guardiolaThere are talks about Pep Guardiola’s inten­tion of acquir­ing Bus­quet, Mes­si and Ney­mar in the last sum­mer trans­fer. In the Pre-match press con­fer­ence in Eng­land, the for­mer Barcelona coach how­ev­er dis­missed the rumour by stress­ing he did not call any of the Barcelona play­ers as media would have it.

I did not call any Barcelona play­er to sign them this sum­mer. There are some wars you know you’ve already lost even before they begin. I called Thi­a­go because my broth­er was is agent.”

Three years ago while I was still at Bar­ca, I called Ney­mar and rec­om­mend­ed he join Bar­ca. Lat­er I heard thing got com­pli­cat­ed because Real Madrid was involved. I also tried to sign him for Bay­ern Munich when I was in New York. His dad called me to tell me Bar­ca was still an option so I told him he should take his son to Bar­ca.”

This sum­mer I did not call Mes­si, Ney­mar, Ini­es­ta or Bus­quet. The only per­son I called was Ter Ste­gen because I knew he was unhap­py, he lat­er decid­ed on his own to stay and we spoke to Bra­vo. All I want for Mes­si is end his career at Bar­ca. He will decide when to leave the club.”

The peo­ple who have tak­en time to pub­lish this report are in very good terms with Pres­i­dent Bar­tomeu. Maybe you should ask him.”

The coach was also full of prais­es for Mes­si; “Clear­ly, he’s the best play­er. It’s always a plea­sure to see him play. I’m delight­ed he’s OK of tomorrow’s game. ”

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