Guardiola: I did not call any Barcelona player

pep-guardiolaThere are talks about Pep Guardiola’s intention of acquiring Busquet, Messi and Neymar in the last summer transfer. In the Pre-match press conference in England, the former Barcelona coach however dismissed the rumour by stressing he did not call any of the Barcelona players as media would have it.

“I did not call any Barcelona player to sign them this summer. There are some wars you know you’ve already lost even before they begin. I called Thiago because my brother was is agent.”

“Three years ago while I was still at Barca, I called Neymar and recommended he join Barca. Later I heard thing got complicated because Real Madrid was involved. I also tried to sign him for Bayern Munich when I was in New York. His dad called me to tell me Barca was still an option so I told him he should take his son to Barca.”

“This summer I did not call Messi, Neymar, Iniesta or Busquet. The only person I called was Ter Stegen because I knew he was unhappy, he later decided on his own to stay and we spoke to Bravo. All I want for Messi is end his career at Barca. He will decide when to leave the club.”

“The people who have taken time to publish this report are in very good terms with President Bartomeu. Maybe you should ask him.”

The coach was also full of praises for Messi; “Clearly, he’s the best player. It’s always a pleasure to see him play. I’m delighted he’s OK of tomorrow’s game. “

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