Arda Turan: Barca turned down attractive offer for my transfer

ardaIn an interview with Turkish TV Beyaz TV, Arda Turan revealed that the club turned down a 50 million euro offer for him last summer. The Turk disclosed that the 50 million euros was from a Chinese club but he failed to disclose the name of the club.

“Barca turned down the offer because they see me as an investment for the future. They didn’t sign me to play for only six months,” said the midfielder.

He talked about his nonappearance in the Turkish national team following the Uefa Euro 2016 competition where his countrymen spectators whistled and booed him for his poor performance in the competition. “My performance for my country have always being better than the various clubs I’ve played for. I’ve got love for my country as well as the country’s team.”

The Turkish press attributed his poor performance in the EURO 2016 to the bonus payment which the midfielder had request for but was declined. Arda denied it saying; As a professional footballer, I’ve earned a lot of money. There’s no reason to ask for more bonuses. I think it’s a decision from the coach, besides I’ve being the captain of the team for 10 years so I deserve more than a game and half to be trusted . Fans booed me in the EURO 2016 competition against Spain and Croatia, what will I do if not to accept it.”

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