Ter Stegen: It’s my fault we lost to Celta, I’m sincerely sorry

tersWithout anyone pushing blames, Marc Andre Ter Stegen whole heartedly took blame of the defeat against Celta Vigo on Sunday night and apologized to his team and fans. An error from the German goalkeeper made Celta score their fourth goal in the game.

“It is so clear to everyone that it’s all my fault we lost to Celta, I’m sincerely sorry. If I did not make such an error we could have won the game, we fought hard to get back. Our performance in the first half was not good but the second half was a lot better, we were really close on winning the game but i messed up. It’s my fault and I’m very sorry.” said the German international.

When he was asked if the error he made will make him change his way of play, “Even though this has happened, it will not make me change my game. It has never happened to me before and that’s why I apologize because the entire team fought hard to get back.


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