Luis Enrique: The fourth goal finish us

luis-enriqueThe second consecutive defeat at Balaidos Stadium after Luis Enrique departed Celta to take the coaching job for the Catalan club. Luis Enrique takes the blame because he’s responsible for the team but emphasized the defect suffered the whole team and not rival.

“We totally lost the fight in the first half, we did so many things wrong. It would be just to say we lost 0-3 in the first half, but after the half time break was over and effected some changes, everything changed. We created chances and our passes were more accurate. But there’s no doubt the fourth goal finished us. It apparently not a good day for us.” said Luis Enrique.

He commented on Ter Stegen’s error saying, “Considering how the game was going, I wasn’t surprised on the own goal and the fourth goal is what I can’t even tell you about. A goalkeeper should be a risk taker usually it goes well and I’m not here to talk about individual error.”

When he was asked about Iniesta not making starting lineup, “You can ask me that question because I have to make the best decision that would affect the team before the game and not after the game. I have no regret, I’ve come to accept it as a part of my job.”

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