Controversial decision by the referee: Barca deserved a second penalty

controversial refThe Celta vs Barca game referee Vicandi Garrido made a controversial choice in yesterday’s game which significantly affected the fate of the match. The decisions made by the officials in the first half was fair enough but the second half was just controversial enough that the officials overlooked some critical happening in the game.

In the 63th minute of the match, Andre Gomes was brought down in the box by Hugo Mallo. However, according to professional football analyst, Garrido made the made the right and awarded the Catalan club a penalty. It was obvious enough that a Madrid based press media Marca acknowledge it.

In the 69th minute of the game while Neymar was receiving a ball in the box, Hugo Mallo who fouled Andre Gomes six minutes earlier pulled the Brazilian ace. Madrid based daily publisher AS tagged the act as ‘a possible criminal’. The newspaper published that Neymar was pulled down in the 18 yard box, which if that’s the case he should have being a foul and Hugo Mallo should have had a second yellow card.

possible penaltyHowever, the decision by the ref totally change the outcome of the game. Madrid based daily paper don’t usually admit to such controversy decision from officials. Awarding Barca a penalty and removal of Hugo Mallo from the game in the 70th minutes would have being a total turn around for FC Barcelona.

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