Neymar: I hope to be among the three Ballon d’Or finalist

ney-on msnOn Thurs­day 15, FC Barcelona reached an agree­ment with Gillette. The no.1 shav­ing and per­son­al care brand is now a pre­mi­um part­ner and spon­sor of the club. In the pre­sen­ta­tionNey­mar sat on the podi­um to speak to the press and address some press­ing ques­tion fans have being itch­ing to ask. He spoke main­ly on the club’s tri­dent as well as his ver­sion of Wag­n­er Ribeiro revealed lur­ing from PSG.


Of course, we had dis­cussed with dif­fer­ent peo­ple which includes Paris Saint Ger­main, but I choose to remain in Bar­ca because I feel at home here. I can­not vouch for Wag­n­er Ribeiro’s dig­its because I’m not so good with num­bers. What I’ll tell you is I was approached by PSG and some oth­er clubs but I chose Bar­ca over all. I feel at home here and I hope this sea­son will be a good one for me and the team.” said the Brazil­ian.

He spoke on the Bal­lon d’Or award, “I wish to be among the three that will stand on the podi­um, although it is dif­fi­cult be to there let alone win it. But if Bal­lon d“Or was for the best, Leo will win it every sea­son.”

He added, “Mes­si is the best in the world, it’s so easy when you play with him. There’s this fel­low feel­ing the MSN have for each oth­er, we are always there for each oth­er. As we get bet­ter, I hope we bet our 131 goals of last sea­son.”

He con­clud­ed jok­ing­ly say­ing, “I don’t look good with beards, Leo looks very good in blond hair and beards. Although, he can still look fin­er because he’s not hand­some.”

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