Neymar: I hope to be among the three Ballon d’Or finalist

ney-on msnOn Thursday 15, FC Barcelona reached an agreement with Gillette. The no.1 shaving and personal care brand is now a premium partner and sponsor of the club. In the presentationNeymar sat on the podium to speak to the press and address some pressing question fans have being itching to ask. He spoke mainly on the club’s trident as well as his version of Wagner Ribeiro revealed luring from PSG.


“Of course, we had discussed with different people which includes Paris Saint Germain, but I choose to remain in Barca because I feel at home here. I cannot vouch for Wagner Ribeiro’s digits because I’m not so good with numbers. What I’ll tell you is I was approached by PSG and some other clubs but I chose Barca over all. I feel at home here and I hope this season will be a good one for me and the team.” said the Brazilian.

He spoke on the Ballon d’Or award, “I wish to be among the three that will stand on the podium, although it is difficult be to there let alone win it. But if Ballon d”Or was for the best, Leo will win it every season.”

He added, “Messi is the best in the world, it’s so easy when you play with him. There’s this fellow feeling the MSN have for each other, we are always there for each other. As we get better, I hope we bet our 131 goals of last season.”

He concluded jokingly saying, “I don’t look good with beards, Leo looks very good in blond hair and beards. Although, he can still look finer because he’s not handsome.”

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