Messi’s 29th trophy in Barca

Messi lifts SSCWith FC Barcelona win­ning the Span­ish Super Cup on Wednes­day against Sevil­la, it makes it the 29th title Lionel Mes­si have won in the Cata­lan club. This tro­phy is spe­cial for Leo because it’s the first time he’s being giv­en the respon­si­bil­i­ty to lift the tro­phy after the injured first cap­tain ‘Ini­es­ta’ was out, Leo act­ed as the cap­tain.

Mes­si have the record of the high­est goal scor­er in the Span­ish Super Cup till date hav­ing scored 12 goals in 15 games. Since the watch of Luis Enrique, Leo have scored 85 goals along with Suarez while Ney­mar scored 70 goals.

Mes­si and Ini­es­ta have the club’s record of the most suc­cess­ful Blau­grana in his­to­ry while Bus­quet and Pique have closed in the gap from 2nd placed Xavi. Here’s the stand­ing for the most dec­o­rat­ed FC Barcelona play­er:

  • Lionel Mes­si and Andre Ini­es­ta both won 29 titles each.
  • Xavi Her­nan­dez 25 titles.
  • Ger­ard Pique, Ser­gio Bus­quet and Dani Alves 23 titles each
  • Vic­tor Valdes and Car­les Puy­ol won 21 titles each.
  • Pedro Rodriguez won 20 titles each.
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