Barca’s Final Offer to Neymar

NeymarBar­ca have reached the point where she can­not offer any­more than what she is offer­ing now.  The club pre­sent­ed its final offer to Ney­mar which is an annu­al salary of 15 mil­lion euros (after tax) per sea­son. The club can­not raise his salary any high­er than the offer because of the finan­cial reg­u­la­tion guid­ing the club on mon­ey spent on salaries.

How­ev­er, his future on whether he extends his con­tract with FC Barcelona or leaves for the Parisian club is in his hands. At the moment, the club sees Mes­si as the num­ber one play­er even though they try as much to increase the Brazil­ian salary, they also want Mes­si to remain the high­est paid play­er of the club.

It’s no news that alleged­ly, PSG, Real Madrid and Man­ches­ter Unit­ed have being con­tact­ing the Brazil­ian to pen down a con­tract. Paris Saint Ger­main made an offer of 25 mil­lion euros (after tax) per sea­son, which is way more than what Bar­ca is offer­ing. The tempt­ing offer from PSG will be one of the only rea­son why the 24 years old may con­tem­plate leav­ing his cur­rent club.

If Ney­mar decides to stick to his cur­rent club, it will be of a very high ben­e­fit for him in terms of Sport­ing and hav­ing a bet­ter sum­ma­ry of his foot­ball career. In PSG, he has a weak­er chance of win­ning more Cham­pi­ons League while in Bar­ca (Spain) the chance of win­ning the Bal­lon d’Or is greater as PSG have not achieved as much as the Span­ish giants on the inter­na­tion­al scene.

Man­ches­ter Unit­ed couldn’t even make it to the Cham­pi­ons League while in Real Madrid, the Brazil­ian will have to fight for a place against Cris­tiano Ronal­do and Gareth Bale.

The Cata­lan club is obvi­ous­ly the best choice for the for­ward. Ney­mar earns 10 mil­lion euros (after tax) per sea­son.

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