Barca’s Final Offer to Neymar

NeymarBarca have reached the point where she cannot offer anymore than what she is offering now.  The club presented its final offer to Neymar which is an annual salary of 15 million euros (after tax) per season. The club cannot raise his salary any higher than the offer because of the financial regulation guiding the club on money spent on salaries.

However, his future on whether he extends his contract with FC Barcelona or leaves for the Parisian club is in his hands. At the moment, the club sees Messi as the number one player even though they try as much to increase the Brazilian salary, they also want Messi to remain the highest paid player of the club.

It’s no news that allegedly, PSG, Real Madrid and Manchester United have being contacting the Brazilian to pen down a contract. Paris Saint Germain made an offer of 25 million euros (after tax) per season, which is way more than what Barca is offering. The tempting offer from PSG will be one of the only reason why the 24 years old may contemplate leaving his current club.

If Neymar decides to stick to his current club, it will be of a very high benefit for him in terms of Sporting and having a better summary of his football career. In PSG, he has a weaker chance of winning more Champions League while in Barca (Spain) the chance of winning the Ballon d’Or is greater as PSG have not achieved as much as the Spanish giants on the international scene.

Manchester United couldn’t even make it to the Champions League while in Real Madrid, the Brazilian will have to fight for a place against Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale.

The Catalan club is obviously the best choice for the forward. Neymar earns 10 million euros (after tax) per season.

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