Arda Turan: La Liga is not Won Yet

Arda Turan
In an interview with Radio station ‘RAC 1’, Arda Turan spoke about the possibility of winning the league. As most fans and stakeholders have concluded FC Barcelona as winners the league, the 29 years old does not believe the competition have already being won.

“Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid are very capable of winning all their matches although Barca is oe of the team that plays the best game in the world. When you have quality players in a team, acclimatization would not be a thing to worry about.”

“We feel very comfortable in the position we are on the league and our rivals’, the only thing I’m very interested in is to be useful to my team.” The Turkish international declared that he wants to play an important role in the team to acquire more titles which includes the Champions League “I was this close to winning the Champions League, so I want to do that here.”

He spoke about the attacking trio: “I just want to get the ball and play to them. They are really good at what they do.”

Also talked about Iniesta: “I respect Iniesta a lot, he’s the one I look up to in the team not just as a footballer and he’ sets good example to young ones.”

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