Arda Turan: The Crucial Thing is Getting the Three Points Against Atletico

ArdaAs the game draws closer, Arda Turan is ready for the first time to play against his former team Atletico de Madrid in Camp Nuo on Saturday. The Turkish midfielder revealed to Barca TV his state of emotion in going to play against his former teammates: “Before the game and after the game, I’m going to be nervous. Its going to be a difficult game for us.”

“Going to play against my former team where I was well regarded is different, but the important thing is to achieve the aim and get the three points. Its going to be a difficult game but we are going to try our best to win and we will give it all we can.”

“I’ve always said playing a big side in the league is very difficult and Atletico is no different, it’s paramount you respect them.”

“Atletico Madrid are in the league and Champions League despite making so much changes in their squad, they still manage to make a strong opposition to any team.”

“I appreciate my teammates for making me feeling like a member of the team and of course I’m one of them both mentally and physically. it feels really good to be among such teammate and we will not stop fighting for our objectives and stay focused.”

He concluded saying: “Yes, I will not deny it, this game have being in my mind for so long, what I’ll do is to just play like I used to and have fun with the game.”

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