Arda Turan: The Crucial Thing is Getting the Three Points Against Atletico

ArdaAs the game draws clos­er, Arda Turan is ready for the first time to play against his for­mer team Atleti­co de Madrid in Camp Nuo on Sat­ur­day. The Turk­ish mid­field­er revealed to Bar­ca TV his state of emo­tion in going to play against his for­mer team­mates: “Before the game and after the game, I’m going to be ner­vous. Its going to be a dif­fi­cult game for us.”

Going to play against my for­mer team where I was well regard­ed is dif­fer­ent, but the impor­tant thing is to achieve the aim and get the three points. Its going to be a dif­fi­cult game but we are going to try our best to win and we will give it all we can.”

I’ve always said play­ing a big side in the league is very dif­fi­cult and Atleti­co is no dif­fer­ent, it’s para­mount you respect them.”

Atleti­co Madrid are in the league and Cham­pi­ons League despite mak­ing so much changes in their squad, they still man­age to make a strong oppo­si­tion to any team.”

I appre­ci­ate my team­mates for mak­ing me feel­ing like a mem­ber of the team and of course I’m one of them both men­tal­ly and phys­i­cal­ly. it feels real­ly good to be among such team­mate and we will not stop fight­ing for our objec­tives and stay focused.”

He con­clud­ed say­ing: “Yes, I will not deny it, this game have being in my mind for so long, what I’ll do is to just play like I used to and have fun with the game.”

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