Munir: I Just Had to Wait for My Moment and Here it is

MunirMunir El Haddadi  is currently the Copa del Rey top scorer and the forth highest goal scorer in FC Barcelona again helped his team to make the opening goal in the clash against the tough side Malaga. The goal makes it his seventh goal of the season in all competition, his second all time La Liga goal in his career and his first La Liga goal this season.

After the Saturday’s game win against Malaga where he scored his early goal just two minutes after kick off, Munir spoke to the media saying: “We have always known it isn’t going to be an easy game fro us because Malaga is a very tough team to play against. They caused us problems but we still got the three point which is why came here for.”

He added: “Its important for a forward score goals, I knew I just had to wait for my moment and here it is, I only have to keep working hard.”

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